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For Healthy Body & Mind


Your daily organik supply of Daal, Chawal & Roti. BE cherish the super healthy, only natural and completely chemical free taste from now on.

For Healthy Senses


The organik pure aroma taking you towards the real natural taste and health. Find the difference by yourself.

For Healthy Skin


Treat yourself organikally by bringing nature's glow back on your skin organikally, using nature's herbal care and anti-aging properties.

For Healthy Metabolism


The organik aroma and taste of the brew combined with nature's sweetness in various flavours is ready to fill you up with Health & Energy.

For Healthy Gifting

Diwali Gift Box

Gift healthy and organic gift packs to the people you care for. Many options and packages to choose from.

"Yaad aa Gay...
«Though i have never been a food enthuist, i like the good taste and it is very often that i used to hear and acknowledge the taste of the past that is no longer exist today, specifically the lenti ...»

Vinita Chandigarh

Tea: On Pesticide Treadmill


The Toxic Refreshment: Pesticides in your Chai- Study


The Horrible truth, now for Tea. When we start our day with a cup of tea, little do we know that 67% of the tea samples have DDT. A study by Greenpeace has revealed that out 49 branded packages (including the most commonly used) most had pesticides. In fact several samples tested positive for Monocrotophos, a pesticide responsible for killing 23 students in Bihar.

A greenpeace India study released on 11th Aug, says it has identified the presence of pesticides in leading brands of tea sold in India, both national and International. These includes pesticides that WHO has classified as both Highly and Moderately hazardous, says the report

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Just Organik brings you the pestcide free organic tea, starting from the daily CTC tea to the full leaf Green tea or the Black Orthodox tea.


We have grown through the years when the food was still not that polluted. However your kids have had no part of their life that has seen a chemical free food. Hence the relevance of the Organic food is much more for the children then us. Ever wondered why this food does not taste as good as it used to be 15 years back? Why the kids do not find any taste in the home food. Try Organic and see the difference.

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Hidden threat: Tiny plastic beads in cosmetics

Millions of people are unwittingly pouring hundreds of tonnes of tiny plastic beads down the   drain. These can persist in the environment for more than 100 years, and have been found to contaminate a wide variety of freshwater and marine wildlife. 
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