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Health for Children: The need of Organic food

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We have grown through the years when the food was still not that polluted. However your kids have had no part of their life that has seen a chemical free food. Hence the relevance of the Organic food is much more for the children then us. Ever wondered why this food does not taste as good as it used to be 15 years back? Why the kids do not find any taste in the home food. Try Organic and see the difference.

I am sure that you would be remembering the days when it was too easy to quench your thirst by just opening the tap in the school. Traveling; just locate the nearest hand pump to drink water. It was fun to just pluck the fruits from the tree and eat without washing (The hidden adventure of stealing it from neighbor’s tree was the bonus). We could even eat vegetables like carrots and cucumber just off the "Subzi wala bhaiyya’s” counter. 

Where are those days now? Try it once and it will be days before you come out of a heavy dose of antibiotics. The long term effects are would not be visible anyways.

All of us, who have crossed the mid twenties in our life, have had a major portion like this, where food and water was still ok and hence while eating food, we were actually helping our body, short term and long term. The food had a lot better taste and the freshness. 

Testimonials from the organic food consumers are a proof of the missing taste in the non-organic version and unfortunately our generation would be the last generation who would still know the difference in the taste.

Does the younger generation even know what is the real taste? They have no reference and hence wouldn’t even know if a better taste exists for the same chhole chawal (Chana Rice).   This new generation has had no connectivity with that taste and probably never will.

However taste is only one part of it and the more important aspect is the health. While we have built our body with the initial years of healthy food, our kids didn’t have such privilege.

If we look a little backward, the situation started changing as we entered into the new millennium, with a population explosion. The need to feed millions getting added every month pushed our farmers to get as much as possible from the mother earth. Since the reproduction capacity of mother earth is also limited and all the artificial ingredients were pushed in to make her produce more and more.

Chemical fertilizers provided the constituents of the produce  and chemical pesticides killed the pests that used to feed on these plants. Lack of education for most and greed for higher profits for some, pushed the farmers to use more and more of this stuff. What was meant to be a health tonic and medicine actually became the full meal and life fluid for plants. This has killed the very natural constituents of the produce. Slowly and gradually this goes inside the plants and then to the seeds, changes biological construction and the same seeds are used to further reproduce. This cycle in last few decades have completely destroyed the nutritional values of the produce, which has reach to the extent that the it is getting manifested in form of the taste which is not good any more.

We get mental satisfaction of having fresher looking vegetables and healthier looking grains, but ever realized that why you do not find for example the bugs in cauliflower any more? Because everything gets killed at some stage of the production and what ever is left, the chemicals present in this produce itself is sufficient to kill those.


Having said so, it is our moral responsibility to provide a healthy option to our kids. The onslaught of the junk food is not helping anyways, so whenever they eat at home, at least give them healthy food and not a food which is full of chemicals. Many a time people argue that what is the use of turning organic when we know that outside food is not organic and probably even worse. However the goodness always helps, whatever little it might be.

Use Organic food as much as possible and to the extent possible. The taste of the organic food might bring the kids back to the home food. It will help their health in a big way as this is the time to build the body. This will give them strength to fight against the unethical food.

Walk with us to a healthy future. This is only in our hands…

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