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Organic food for pregnant ladies

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Benefits and facts about cutting down on inorganic food during pregnancy.
Products made from organic whole soy beans can be a wonderfully nutritious food.

It is a known fact that organic food contains a lesser extent of pesticides as compared to conventional food. Studies that have come out in the last two years have linked exposures to organophosphate pesticides with increased risks of ADHD and lower IQ in children, and to low birth weight and early gestation among newborns. Hence it’s extremely important that pregnant women eat healthy food as it can be beneficial for the growth of the baby. As a result, organic products are extremely popular among pregnant women as it is highly recommended by dieticians and doctors alike.

It's also likely to be fresher, since it is preservative-free and therefore more perishable (which means it has to get from the farm to the table in less time than conventional produce). It contains little or no artificial colouring. They are grown, handled, and processed without using pesticides, chemical fertilizers, weed-killers, genetic modification, germ-killing radiation, hormones, or antibiotics.

Any type of food that has been minimally processed is excellent for expecting mothers as they contain low salt and fat along with a large supply of nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium and calcium. Vitamin C helps to strengthen your body’s membranes, including the amniotic membranes which are likely to prevent preterm labour. Pregnant women need about 2,000 mg of calcium per day. Mothers who get lots of calcium during pregnancy have significantly higher bone density than those who miss out on their daily calcium requirements.

The most significant difference between organic and nonorganic produce is that the former often tastes better than the latter. The differences in nutrient content are not really significant. Apart from offering untold nutrients for the mother and her growing baby, fresh produce can ward off upper respiratory tract infections, plus fills the mother up, without packing on too many excess calories.

Some examples of such products are: veggies and fruits, milk, sweet potatoes, whole grains to name a few. Potatoes and related veggies are known to ease morning sickness symptoms. Additionally, sweet potatoes are chock full of potassium. In addition to potatoes, the benefit of eating whole grains is folic acid. Folic acid helps prevent birth defects and is available in whole grain food sources like fortified grains, pastas and breakfast cereals. Diet plans for expecting mothers can be found online which contains raw and unprocessed food as daily staple.

However we should not simply assume that such products are completely safe. They still need to be washed and cooked well as they can still be contaminated with bacteria. It is hard to find natural foods nowadays with the great strides made in genetically engineered products and increased use of pesticides and other chemicals in crops. But overall, it still remains a popular and healthy option for pregnant women.

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