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Tea : On the Pesticide Treadmill

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This is so horryfying that even the tea has been caught into the pesticide loop. Most of the big brands that we use daily have been fopund to have alarming levels of pesticides in the tea, that can make you very very sick...slowly!!

The recent study published by almost all the newspapers on the findings by Green Peace has left me completely shattered. When we start our day with a cup of tea, even before we get out of the bed, little do we know that we are drinking a cup, full of pesticides, which can make us very very sick. The worst part is that the sickness only comes slowly and we wouldn’t even know unless we actually get caught. 

Some of the pesticides used are so dangerous that they have killed 23 kids in Bihar last year. DDT is another one, which otherwise has been banned, but we are still forced to take these in our daily cup.

The greed for profits has gone so high that producers are willing to serve poison? Where would we stop? Is there any end to the greed? Ethics have no role to play.

Unfortunately, pesticides have now become an essential part of our daily diet. More you think about this, more you get worried. They have polluted earth, water and air, the very soul of nature. Nature is no longer natural.

All this makes you wander, is that what you want to leave for your kids.

The Organic is no longer a fad, this is a necessity. When the tea is also loaded with pesticides, you have no option but to look at Organic produce and products more positively. Unfortunately these are still costlier than the conventional products, but this is a very small cost of maintaining your health on a daily basis, as compared to the cost that one could be incurring in case of some illness because of the harmful effects of these pesticides.

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