About Organic Foods

Organic means in harmony with nature. In simple words, the produce that doesn’t have any exposure to chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides is termed as organic. No amount of chemicals are used at any stage, right from sowing till the time it reaches to the stores for selling.

Organic is a process of 3-4 years of continuous development of farmland without any chemical aid. Farmers have been converting their farmlands into organic farms and getting certified. Any Organic produce comes from these certified farmlands only.

As the pesticides are not used, the organic produce is much more susceptible to the pests and possible ailments that can damage the crop and can get easily spoiled. Similarly the yield per acre is also less as compared to the conventional produce because no chemical fertilizer e.g. urea etc is used. Apart from this, costly measures have to be used for the storage and warehousing of these products to avoid any exposure to the chemicals, otherwise used with conventional products. All this adds to the cost of the input significantly and hence it is costlier as compared to conventional products.

Organic products go through a rigorous certification process, right from the farmland to the processor, each stage has to go through the certification process. India has adopted an Organic plan called “National Program for Organic Production: NPOP” and the certification is called India Organic Certificate. Similarly USA has the organic standards that are under “National Organic Program : NOP” and the standards are called USDA. EU standards for Organic certification is followed for Europe.

All these items are organic in nature and hence only gone through the natural process. That means that the actual taste will vary depending upon the soil condition, and the farm type etc, as compared to the conventional product, which maintain almost the same taste because of the chemicals addition. Even from one batch number to other, the taste can vary.

The organic products do not go through any process of polishing. Also no chemicals are added for any artificial colouring or shining agent or process etc. Absence of chemicals and no polishing makes the physical appearance of the organic product look less appealing.

In general organic is more aromatic and tastier as the natural taste is not spoiled by the use of chemicals and there are no added flavours or artificial colours.

This Honey comes from the higher reaches of Himalaya and naturally grown beehives. This honey does not go through the normal processing and a simple muslin cloth is used to filter it. This ensures the protein and other nutrition remain intact.

Because of minimum filtration of the honey, the pollens and some wax remains intact in the honey, which in fact is very healthy. However that also creates a tendency of solidification in cold weather. In case this happens, you can just put the honey bottle in Sun or warm water and it will be normal again.

Precipitation is because of the healthy protein and pollens and wax that is not removed by ensuring minimal filtration.

Just Organik

Just Organic has got its certification as a processor of the Organic Products under NPOP, NOP as well as EU. That means the products of Just Organik are certified as per Indian, US and European standards of organic production. Apart from this Just Organik also has Food Safety and Security Authority of India (FSSAI) license, which is mandatory for any food operator.

Just Organik products come mainly from Uttarakhand. The farms in the higher reaches of Uttarakhand are naturally organic and have not been exposed to the commercialization of the agriculture. Hence even though they go through the certification process, the soil is inherently much richer in minerals and other nutritious elements that finally constitute the agriculture produce. Hence the products are lot more healthier and a lot more tastier.

Just Organik gets the spices from Uttarakhand, Rajasthan, Orissa, and Kerala, thus covering the spice trail.

Generally all the processors will take care of the fact that while packing the organic produce, proper cleaning is done without violating the integrity of the organic nature and hence any normal Agri bugs/insects or beetle etc are removed. However, it is almost impossible to remove all the eggs, that are invisible produce under packing without using some of the very expensive and time-consuming techniques. Being Organic no chemical fumigation or pesticide can be used and hence these invisible crawlers may survive. Even after a lot of care, with the favorable environmental conditions, the eggs may hatch and it is possible to spot some bugs in a packet that is still not past its expiry date. Humid and Hot weather (e.g. Monsoon) is the most fertile environment for these to develop. So if you do find these in your packet, don’t panic, take it easy and feel good that you have a produce that is even safe for the bugs and hence is surely safe for you and your kids. You can just clean these out. Still not convinced….? Just get a replacement.

Indian Basmati is most fragrant and aromatic rice. Just Organik Basmati is the Traditional variety, which is best in class and combines the qualities of basmati with that of traditional long grain rice. It has a delightful aroma and a delicious nutty flavor. Our Organic Traditional Basmati cooked grains swell in both length and width and are dry, separate and fluffy.

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