Himalayan Apple Jam


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No Added Chemicals, No Preservatives,  No Added Colors

Apple Jam: Just Organik Apple Jam is a delicious and flavorsome spread made with organic apple pulp, organic sugar and organic lemon juice as main ingredients. A perfect accompaniment for your snacking needs, it can be used in breakfast dishes or snack time meals in toasts, bread or crackers.

Rich In fiber, it is an effective recipe, which can be added in your diet occasionally or daily. Considered good for your digestive health, it is a great addition to your morning meal to start the day right!

Multiple Health Benefits: Prepared from organic Himalayan Apples, the apple jam is considered rich in antioxidants, proteins and minerals like potassium, which helps in several biological activities.

Relish the goodness, purity and taste blend into the jar of Just Organik Apple Jam and spread into your breads, toasts and baking recipes.

*Owing to it’s 100% natural ingredients, product color and taste may vary slightly with time but quality remains intact.




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