Red Rice (Lal Chawal)


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Red Rice: Red rice is a kind of rice that is red in colour owing to its anthocyanin content. It is usually eaten unpolished or partially polished, and has a red bran layer, and has a nutty flavour. Red Rice is high in Protein and Fiber and stands out in terms of its antioxidant content.

Healthy Skin: Red Rice is rich in iron and vitamin, which helps in the production of RBC (red blood corpuscles) in the body. This essentially also enhances skin health. The antioxidants in the Red Rice help in fighting free radicals, which protects the skin from premature ageing.

Manufactured using Sustainable Practices: Just Organik focuses on producing nutritive food through sustainable processes. In this endeavour, Red Rice is free from harsh additives, is a non GMO vegan product and environmentally friendly. It is manufactured by direct seeded technology and has a positive effect on yield, requires less labour and has low water management requirement.

Multiple Benefits: Red Rice helps in controlling diabetes. As it is rich in Magnesium, it supports pulmonary functions. With an abundance of iron, daily consumption of red rice can help in absorption of oxygen. Being a rich source of fiber, it improves digestive function. Additionally Red Rice helps in reducing fatigue and keeps the body engine active and strong.

About the Brand: Just Organik stands for just and ethical supplies of organic products. We sanitize the whole process, right from promoting sustainable farming practices to making healthy food items more accessible to people. Just Organik products are chemical free and are certified as per India Organic, USDA and EU standards. Trusted by 10,000+ customers,  most of our products are available in all the major Premium stores in India as well exported across many countries across the world.

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