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Jamun Cider Vinegar : Just Organik Jamun Cider Vinegar is your go-to companion for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels naturally. With the power of the good old Jamun fruit (Java Plum), it supports your well-being without compromising on taste or quality. Feel confident and vibrant with every sip of our carefully crafted vinegar.

Himalayan Goodness: Sourced from the pristine lower ranges of the Himalayas, our Jamun Cider Vinegar embodies the essence of the real fruit. Handpicked for freshness and quality, Just organik brings you the best of nature’s bounty, straight from the heart of the mountains.

Pure and Potent: Just Organik Jamun circa is raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized. Free from harmful chemicals and additives, it retains all the beneficial enzymes and nutrients of Jamun fruit.

Health Benefits : Our Jamun Cider Vinegar is packed with properties that promote digestion, gut health, and metabolic balance. Jamun Cider Vinegar helps in lowering blood sugar levels if consumed regularly

Usage : Incorporating our Jamun Cider Vinegar into your daily routine is easy and convenient. Simply mix a teaspoon in lukewarm water. Best results are obtained when consumed twice a day. You may also drizzle it over salads for a flavorful boost. It’s a deliciously simple way to support your health goals.

Our Jamun Cider Vinegar is lovingly preserved in glass bottles, ensuring every drop retains its potency and goodness.




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