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Brown Sona Masoori Rice: Brown Sona Masoori rice is a healthy diet option as it has bran. It helps the body to derive energy and is best suited for weight loss. It is popularly used in dishes like Sweet Pongal, Biryani, Idlis and Fried Rice.

Nutritive Value: Brown Sona Masoori Rice is packed with nutrients such as Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Manganese and Selenium. It is fat free and contains Protein. The fewer calories aids in weight loss; while the lower Sodium content regulates blood pressure.

Manufactured using Sustainable Practices: Just Organik focuses on producing nutritive food through sustainable processes. In this endeavour, Brown Sona Masoori Rice is free from harsh additives, is a non GMO vegan product, has low glycemic index and is environmentally friendly. It is helpful in lowering the impact of raised blood sugar and lowering cholesterol.

Health Benefits: Brown Sona Masoori Rice is a healthy food choice as it is easily digestible because of its higher starch content. This form of rice helps in the proper functioning of the vital organs such as heart, brain, liver and kidneys. It improves cell health, reduces oxidative stress, promotes anti-ageing and enhances nerve and muscle functioning.

About the Brand: Just Organik stands for just and ethical supplies of organic products. We sanitize the whole process, right from promoting sustainable farming practices to making healthy food items more accessible to people. Just Organik products are chemical free and are certified as per India Organic, USDA and EU standards.




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